2016 (2)

Vydáno: 01 / 2017
Vydavatel: Univerzita Karlova v Praze, Filozofická fakulta
ISSN: 2336-7105
152 stran
The Invasion of Prince Louis of France to England, 1216–1217
(Jan Malý), p. 7-20
The Ottoman Empire at the Beginning of Tanzimat Reforms
(Jakub Mazanec), p. 21-45
A Piece of Migration History through the Rombauer Family Tree
(Pál Koudela), p. 46-70
Ways to Enrichment in Argentina, 1880–1900
(Václav Švepeš), p. 71-81
István Burián and the Settling of the Polish Issue during the First World War
(Zoltán Tefner), p. 82-103
Amalgamation, Land/Mineral Ordinances and Socio-economic Developments in Nigeria since c. 1914 A.D: A Reflection
(Emmanuel Osewe Akubor), p. 104-125
Discussions / Diskussionen
The History of Formation of the Romanian State — From the Middle Ages to the Proclamation of the Romanian Kingdom
(László Gulyás — Gábor Csüllög), p. 129-138
The Methodology of State Succession in the 20th Century
(Ferenc Szávai), p. 139-148
Royal Hungary or Kingdom of Hungary? Interpretation, History and Reception of Two Historical Terms
(Péter Illik), p. 149-152
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