2020 (1)

Vydáno: 11 / 2021
Vydavatel: Univerzita Karlova, Filozofická fakulta
ISSN: 2336-7105
140 stran
Popular Culture in Central and Eastern Europe
‘Our Girl’ Ideology and Start’s ‘Sexual Swashbucklers’: Women and War in the Only Yugoslav Men’s Magazine (1969–1980)
Iva Jelušić, p. 7-28
Czechoslovak Pop Music in Young People’s Lifestyle Magazines in the “Anti-Decade”, 1985–1995
Tomáš Kavka, p. 29-43
Longing for the West. Youth Fashion in the 1980s Warsaw
Natalia Pomian, p. 44-58
Popular Lived Culture in Communist Romania (1945–1989) as Retraced in Life Histories: How People Appropriated or Resisted Products,
Practices, Trends, and Elements of Lifestyle
Simona Rodat, p. 59-85
Laibach in North Korea — A Journey to the East (from the Slovene Perspective)
Irena Šentevska, p. 86-101
The Challenges of Contemporary Art, Aesthetics, and Society within Pandemic 2020
Evelīna Tilta, p. 102-117
Other Studies / Andere Studien
Die Deutsche Reichsgründing im Kontext der Europäischen Geschichte
Hans-Christof Kraus, p. 121-130
Conference Report / der Bericht aus der Konferenz
Mainstram! Popular Culture in Central and Eastern Europe
Zdeněk Nebřenský, p. 133-134
Book Reviews / Buchbesprechungen
Escape or Invasion? The Migration Crisis on Political Banners
Jana Tokarská, p. 137-138
Normalizační festival: socialistické paradoxy a postsocialistické korekce
Martin Mejzr, p. 139-140
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