2014 (2)

Issued: 10 / 2015
Publisher: Faculty of Arts Press
ISSN: 2336-7105
164 pages
The Role of Korea in Cultural Transmission between China and Japan during the Three Kingdoms Period
(Pál Koudela, Jinil Yoo), p. 7-21
Feinde Widerwillen? Französisch‑burgundischer Discours über den Vertrag in Troyes
(Václav Drška), p. 22-34
The Russian‑Chinese Trade in Kyakhta, Its Organisation and Commodity Structure, 1727–1861
(Michal Wanner), p. 35-49
Is the Glass Half Empty or Half Full?
(Karel Svoboda), p. 50-60
Russisch‑deutsche Beziehungen nach der Thronbesteigung Wilhelms II.
(František Stellner), p. 61-71
Problems of British Policy in China at the End of the 19th Century
(Aleš Skřivan, Sr., Aleš Skřivan, Jr.), p. 72-84
Great Britain, Germany, and the Selected Railway Problems in China, 1907–1908
(Lukáš Novotný), p. 85-111
The Balkans and Austria‑Hungary 1908–1912
(Martin Urban), p. 112-127
The Issue o f Hungarian ‑Slovak Diplomatic Connections in the Hungarian Parliament in 1939–1940
(István Janek), p. 128-140
Hungarian‑Croatian Bilateral Co‑operations since 1990s
(Edit Bencze Lőrinczné), p. 141-156
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