2014 (1)

Issued: 10 / 2015
Publisher: Faculty of Arts Press
ISSN: 2336-7105
200 CZK / 208 pages
От benedectio к maledictio: Некоторые аспекты политики, проводимой Бонифацием VIII в борьбе с врагами церкви в контексте первого юбилея
(Yulia Maslova), p. 7-20
Idealistic View on the Reality of Revolution: Helen Maria Williams (1762–1827)
(Jana Borodáčová), p. 21-40 
Germany, China, and the Way to the Boxer Uprising
(Jan Kočvar), p. 41-62
Austria‑Hungary and Egypt (1882–1914)
(Michaela Mikešová), p. 63-78
Great Britain and France on the Way to the Entente Cordiale
(Marcela Šubrtová), p. 79-97
Great Britain and the Great Powers Rivalry in North China at the Beginning of the 20th Century
(Roman Kodet), p. 98-109
Czechoslovak Companies in the Chinese Market between the World Wars (Škoda Works and Sellier & Bellot Cases)
(Aleš Skřivan, Jr.), p. 110-126
Regionalisation, Regionalism and the National Question in Tito’s Yugoslavia (1945–1980)
(László Gulyás), p. 127-139
The New Game for Energy: Geopolitics of Central Asia
(Artúr Lakatos), p. 140-154
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