2017 (1)

Issued: 10 / 2017
Publisher: Faculty of Arts Press, Charles University
ISSN: 2336-7105
Western Frankish Chroniclers’ Accounts about the Bohemian and Central European History in the 10th and First Half of the 11th Century
(Jakub Izdný), p. 7-22
Two Treaties of Messina 1190–1191: Crusading Diplomacy of Richard I
(Jan Malý), p. 23-37
Святой благоверный князь Александр и папская курия
(Dana Picková), p. 38-50
Pondicherry in the French Revolution Era 1785–1793: Part 1: Reasons and Beginnings 1785–1791
(Michal Wanner), p. 51-66
Die Annexion von Bosnien-Herzegowina und István Burián
(Ryo Murakami), p. 67-89
British Diplomatic Views on Nepal and the Final Stage of the Ch’ing Empire (1910–1911)
(Matteo Miele), p. 90-101
“The whole lot, Czechs, Magyars, Poles, Jugos, Roumanians, should be put in a bag and shaken up and then handed over to a decent Briton to administer.”
A Contribution on the British Perception of Czech-German Relations in Czechoslovakia to 1933
(Lukáš Novotný), p. 102-114
Kliometrie und die Wirtschaftsgeschichte
(Marek Vokoun), p. 115-126
Cardinal József Mindszenty Protecting the Persecuted (1945–1948)
(Péter Miklós), p. 129-134
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