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Vydáno: 11 / 2015
Vydavatel: Filozofická fakulta Univerzity Karlovy

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The Russian Aid to Byzantium during the Turkish Siege of Constantinople, 1394–1402
(Jan Brandejs), p. 7-16
Russian-Chinese Trade in Kyakhta — Trade Development and Volume Indicators 1727–1861
(Michal Wanner), p. 17-27
A Piece of Late Modern Age History of Hungary through the Rombauer Family Tree
(Pál Koudela), p. 28-45
Los ferrocarriles en Argentina antes de la Primera Guerra Mundial
(Václav Švepeš), p. 46-56
The Relationship between Austria-Hungary and the United States in 1918
(Václav Horčička), p. 57-92
Italy and the Scandal of Saint Gotthard
(Petra Hamerli), p. 93-101
The Psychological Struggle between East and West as Reflected in the Interior Review up to the European Safety and Cooperation Conference (1953–1975)
(József Deák), p. 102-113
Hungary and the Balkans in the 20th Century — From the Hungarian Perspective
(József Juhász), p. 114-129
Discussion / Diskussion
The Propaganda of the Austrian State Treaty in the Hungarian Radio, 1955
(Irén Simándi), p. 133-138
Book Reviews / Buchbesprechungen
Christopher Clark, The Sleepwalkers: How Europe Went to War in 1914, London 2012
(Aleš Skřivan, Sr.), p. 141-142
Sophie Coe — Michael Coe, The True History of Chocolate, London 2013
(Václav Švepeš), p. 143-144
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